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Concert No.4

Saturday 5th December 2020 at 8pm
at Holmes Chapel Leisure Centre

(Klezmer, tango, gypsy jazz and irish fiddle)

Thomas Verity (Clarinets, Whistle),
Rob Shepley (Guitar, Violin, Vocals),
Concettina Del Vecchio (Piano accordion, Violin)
and Marcel Becker (Double bass)

  "Music that you want to dance to, then in the
middle you go and break our hearts a little bit!"

- Jenny Lee Summers, BBC Radio

Meet Klezmer-ish, four incredibly outward-looking classically trained musicians who met whilst playing with the
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. From rip-roaring klezmer and dynamic tango to their self-penned gypsy jazz,
Klezmer-ish bring a trademark twist to whatever genre takes their fancy. Drawing inspiration from the music of
bygone travellers, Klezmer-ish take their audience on a seamless musical journey, always on the move.

Thomas Verity

After seven seasons with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Tom joined the Welsh National Opera as principal clarinet in 2019. In his free time he loves playing jazz piano.

"The fusion of our rigorous background as classical musicians with our passion for exploring exciting new musical territories is what makes us special."

Rob Shepley

Rob is the sub-principal viola of the RLPO … but late at night he gets out his fiddle and guitar and plays anything from gypsy jazz to oldschool rock.

"We are fascinated by exploring the music and stories of immigrants from all sorts of musical and cultural backgrounds who left their homelands to travel the world in pursuit of a better life. "

Concettina Del Vecchio

Connie is a sub-principal violinist of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra, but she started her musical career on the piano accordion aged three.

"As classical musicians we work in a hierarchical structure… no such thing with Klezmerish. All equals. No rules or regulations. All led by the music, and by the mutual respect we have for each others’ talent."

Marcel Becker

Marcel is the leader of the double bass section of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra – and a massive salsa fan!

"We get inspired by the original tunes but tailor them to our own personal taste, giving them our own twist. All the music is arranged by us and for us."



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